Fruit bars are funny

I had no idea that prepacked finger food could be quite so amusing but these fruit bars seem to have really tickled Orange’s sense of humour. He sat with one in his hand for about twenty minutes yesterday, squishing and giggling, and squishing and giggling, bringing it right up to his face and roaring with laughter, then concentrating deeply as he passed it from hand to hand.

So if you are trying to get your little one to develop hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, I highly recommend Organix Date and Apple fruit bars. Not much eating went on but we certainly had a lot of fun playing.

I saw beginnings of a pincer grip and some much more coordinated and graceful movement of Orange’s little arms. Things I never even noticed with my first child, but with Orange it feels like a miracle and lights up my entire day.

Although I am still beaming from Wednesday’s weigh in. After refusing to grow at all for three months, Orange has put on an entire kilo in just a month, and grown 6 cm taller. He has sprouted like a beanstalk and grown a pot belly to boot. Thank you darling Orange, one less thing to worry about for now.


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