About this blog

Drawing on her own experiences, Katherine writes passionately about parent carer health & wellbeing, accessibility, family life with disability in the mix, and trying to have a career as a parent carer.

The blog was born out of adversity.

When her second child was born, no-one knew that he would be severely disabled and no-one knew that a diagnosis for his condition would not be found.

Lawrence, affectionately known as Orange, inspired Katherine and her husband to leave their lives in London to live by the sea in Cornwall. They day they were due to move, Orange started to experience life threatening seizures. The family moved once Orange was stable and began to set up their lives in Cornwall.

Village life by the sea has mostly kept them sane as they have negotiated the maze of special schooling, home adaptations, therapy, epilepsy and family life with a little boy who is non-verbal and dependent on his wheelchair.

Katherine started sharing stories to help others in similar shoes feel less alone, and to open hearts and minds to stop families with disabled children falling out of mainstream life because of issues of prejudice, inaccessibility and inflexibility in society, life and work.

On The Mother Hand aims to offer readers in the same boat solidarity, information, support and guidance and to inspire everyone else to help make the world a more accessible and welcoming place to disabled children and their families.

Everyone has a part to play, whether they are parent carers, friends, families, neighbours, healthcare professionals, teachers, local authority staff, employers, builders, retailers, hotels, travel providers, or entertainment companies.

And this is what the blog is all about.

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